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Staff Reporter 12/04/2015 | |
A majority of Australia's refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island have written to the Australian prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, asking to be killed.
The letter by the 600 detainees, say there is no difference between them and rubbish, adding they are tortured and traumatized as there is no country offering them protection.
The letter, which has been made public by an Australian lawyer, Queen's Counsel, Julian Burnside, says they have recommendations for Mr. Turnbull as to stop the waste of taxpayer's money which it says is ruining Australia's reputation.
It proposes that Australia could dump them in the ocean, using a navy vessel.
Alternatively, a contractor could build a gas chamber or the health care provider could inject them with poison.
The letter says this is not meant as satire but to be taken seriously. Source: Radio New Zealand

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