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PNG needs Human Papillomavirus vaccine

Staff Reporter 9/01/2015 | |
Papua New Guinea is in dire need of the Human Papillomavirus vaccine, or the H-P-V.
This is to help reduce the deaths of women in the country.
The H-P-V vaccine is the cure to cervical cancer.
The vaccine has been made cheap by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.
The G-A-V-I's Special Representative Doctor Helen Evans, revealed that cervical cancer is the leading cause of death for PNG women.
But despite this, P-N-G is still not eligible for GAVI's support to introduce the Human Papillomavirus vaccine.
This is because P-N-G has no prior experience in delivering multi-dose vaccines to at least half its target population of 9-13 year old girls in an average-sized district.
Doctor Evans adds that the solution to this is advocacy and social mobilization.

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