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El NINO hits Southern Highlands

Staff Reporter 8/19/2015 | | |
Southern Highlands Province has announced a State of Emergency as of today due to the extreme weather experienced at this time.
Acting Provincial Administrator, Mr. Joe Kaiyo said the dry spell has killed the green vegetation causing bush fires everywhere.
“This extreme weather has also dried up the small creeks killing aquatic lives, including fish ponds."
“The temperature in the province is much cooler than before, which resulted in frost killing food crops overnight” Mr Kaiyo said.
The devastation of El Nino experienced in the province has threatened the lives of more than 500,000 people.
“The most affected are villagers from the rural parts of the province who depend entirely on hunting, gathering and gardening”
Mr Kaiyo said the schools in the province are also affected and have already started having half day classes to allow food and water to last for at least a month, while waiting for relief supplies.
“If the forecast from the National Weather Service is correct in saying the drought will last for four (4) months, then there will be about 100,000 students out of school by this year,” Kaiyo added. PNGFM

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