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Staff Reporter 3/05/2015 | |
ACTNOW today marked 5 years of NON ACTION by tne Government in implementing the 2010 Commission of Inquiry which looked into corruption by officers at the Finance Department.
With a handful of concerned individuals, the media and Organisations like the TIPNG, PNG has again been reminded today that K780 million in public monies over a 6 year pernod was misused and NO ONE has been prosecuted since the Inquiry was made public.
ACTNOW, led by Program Director Effrey DADEMO today, called on the Government, including PM, Peter O’NEILL to live up to his word in stating that one of his key priorities is FIGHTING CORRUPTION.
She urged Papua New Guineans not to forget WHY SUCH A REPORT is VITAL in ensuring THESE FUNDS are recuperated to cater for the needs of ordinary CITIZENS, like hospitals and more classrooms.
The Commission revealed that in 4 to 6 years that it investigated the illegal payments made by the state to settle fraudulent claims EXCEEDED THE TOTAL BUDGET APPROPRIATION FOR THE WHOLE HEALTH SECTOR

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