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Staff Reporter 12/17/2013 | |

The PNG Council of Churches has come down hard on the Speaker of Parliament, and the Community Development Minister.

They also refuted the Speaker’s comment in today’s paper that by removing the artifacts, it will create a common denominator of Christianity and Faith in God.

The leaders of the PNG Council of Churches argued that the idea to create a common denominator comes from outside overlooking the work of the churches and government.

President of the PNG Council of Churches, Fr Denny Guka said the government must consult the Churches before making any decision that will affect the lives of people.

President of Catholic Bishop Conference, Archbishop, John Ribat, said that the government and Churches can work together to unite PNG.

The leaders said this issue has the potential to divide churches and may have regional conflict.

They said the Community Development Minister, Loujaya Kouza, should take some blame.

In a recent media report, the Minister denied being behind the controversial destruction.


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