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Australian Media gets it wrong again on Australia's AID money to PNG: Juffa

Staff Reporter 8/26/2013 | |
Whilst it is true much of the PNG Budget is squandered via scams and schemes designed to steal the peoples funds and Australian banks are essentially money laundering, the insinuation that it is Australian AID money is FALSE. All Australian MONEY is TIED to Australian companies! [The Australian Media Reports] misleads both Australian and PNG taxpayers! One must wonder what the multitude of Australian advisers are doing here in PNG first there was the ECP or Enhanced Cooperation Program also known as the "Enforced Colonial Program" and now the SGP or Strongim Gavman Program also known as "Strong-arm Gavman Program". These programs have not in any way stemmed corruption at all in PNG! By all means report about corruption in PNG but note that AusAID is responsible for AusAID funds in PNG and the corruption and fraud that occurs is of PNG funds siphoned off via scams and schemes designed to steal from consolidated revenue ie: taxpayers funds! 
Oro Governor Gary Juffa 

I commend Sam KOIM for his efforts but I am disgusted at the Australian effort to misreport and suggest that it is Australian money being stolen! It is OUR own money that is being stolen! Why don't they say that?

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