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A Survey has found that despite loud statements by Governments on Budget, the people still don’t have excess to budget documents. So they do not know the checks and balances such as transparency and accountability. That’s the conclusion of International Budget Survey placing Papua New Guinea 56 out of 100.
The launch of the OPEN BUDGET SURVEY was at the Institute of National Affairs office in Port Moresby.
It's a survey of openness of the Budget process at the national level, provided every two years by the International Budget Partner.
The survey compared PNG with its neighbours in East Asia and the Pacific.
It ranked PNG 56 out of 100, not good enough. More information on the budget needs to be made available.
The ranking is in line with the provision of the key-8 budget documents.
Enacted Budget, Citizens Budget, Mid-Year Review are some documents which have not been readily available to the public.
Deputy Auditor General, Peter Sperau says this is necessary to empower citizens, and also for purposes of accountability.
He also pointed out that provincial governments are dealing with hundreds of millions of kina with no skilled staff.
And as for Districts, the DSIP funds are managed completely outside proper or transparent process.
The Auditor General’s Office is responsible for the audit of financial affairs and activities of the Government.


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