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Facebook stops Twitter users using new Vine video app to contact friends

Staff Reporter 1/25/2013 | |

Less than a day after Twitter launched Vine, Facebook has cut off the video-sharing application’s “find people” button, which allowed members to connect to their Facebook friends.

Facebook stops Twitter users from using Vine to contact friends
Vine allows Twitter users to post video clips no longer than six seconds.  
Twitter and Facebook have so far made no comment on the development, the latest in a series of apparent hostilities between the microblogging site and the social networking giant.
At the end of last year Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing app, disabled the feature that allowed Twitter to properly display its photos, in a sign of growing tensions between the two platforms.
This meant that Twitter users were forced to click through to the Instagram site if they wanted to see photos in their entirety.
Instagram used to work closely with Twitter but the relationship worsened after Facebook bought the app in a $1bn deal last April.It then emerged that Twitter had earlier made a failed $525m bid to buy Instagram. Suggestions that Twitter had “verbally agreed” a deal to buy the app only intensified hostilities with Facebook.
At the end of last year Twitter released Instagram-style photo filters for its own app.
Social networks are growing increasingly protective of their platforms as competition rises for users and for advertising revenue.
Last year, Twitter tightened its rules on what third-party applications are able to do, a move that seen as an attempt to keep users on its platform.
Facebook also proposed changes to its data-sharing rules that would allow the social network to use data collected by Instagram to "tell us information about you" and "improve the quality of ads."
The change allows Facebook, which has more than a billion registered users, to build more complete profiles of its users - and target advertisements - using people's personal data from its social network and from Instagram.
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